Video Introduction

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Why collaborate?

In an increasingly complex world, it’s no longer possible for one person, one team, or even one organisation to succeed on their own. Achieving goals, especially change goals, means working together.

Collaboration is no longer optional. Yet, in the real world, it is rarely straightforward.

What’s the story?

The Collaboration Maze is a game for 5-6 players who play against the clock in order to achieve their goal.

The backdrop is a changing organisation, so reaching the target is not easy. Obstacles to success are always a threat. And sometimes there are unexpected opportunities too.

Players must Find the right partners, Form productive working relationships, and Perform to meet their goals.

Serious fun

We all know how to collaborate – don’t we? But it’s rarely as easy as people think when you have to develop partnerships with people from different functions, locations and levels.

The Collaboration Maze is a serious game. It aims to share key learning from a Henley Forum research project in an engaging and enjoyable way.

  • It’s novel
  • It’s memorable
  • And it’s serious fun!

How it can be used

The Collaboration Maze takes just a few minutes to set up and up to 40 minutes to play. To get the most value from playing the game, we recommend allowing around 30 minutes for people to reflect and discuss their experiences. But don’t be surprised if it sparks much more conversation than that!

It has been successfully used in team meetings, to kick off projects and in conferences. There is even a virtual play option. You can embed it into more formal learning programmes on topics such as leadership and change. And it also lends itself to informal lunch and learns.

In one organisation it went viral, with over 2,500 clicks on the introductory social media post.

What people had to say

It’s been successfully tried and tested in many different contexts within the private, public and not for profit sectors.

“Best team meeting ever”
Performance & Intelligence Analyst, Surrey County Council

“It’s gone viral!”

Knowledge Process Manager, Lloyds Banking Group

A great icebreaker for new teams!

HR Consultant, Citizens Advice

Enjoyed the game – it had a feel good factor.

Head of Legal, Lloyds Banking Group

Thank you for letting me take part, I really enjoyed it.

Strategic Change Consultant, Citizens Advice

Board games need not be competitive!

Head of Expertise, law firm

Really good – got us all talking

Business Test Lead, Lloyds Banking Group

How it was developed

The content and format for this game were developed during 2015 and 2016 as part of a Henley Forum action research project. Ten large organisations and fifteen highly committed individuals have been involved.

They used the Find, Form and Perform framework¹ to help them create change in their own organisations. They distilled their learning to create the maze concept and then they applied ideas from gamification and storytelling to bring The Collaboration Maze to life.

The team created multiple opportunities to test and refine the game in their own organisations before launching it at the Henley Forum Annual Conference in March 2017.

¹ Adapted from Birkinshaw, J, Bessant, J and Delbridge, R (2007) ‘Finding, Forming, and Performing: Creating networks for discontinuous innovation’. California Management Review, 49 (3): 67-84.

game board

Want to play the collaboration game?

  1. Henley Forum members can download the game directly from the Members’ website. Everything you need to play is included. Just add dice and you’re ready to go. Visit the Member’s website – login required
  2. Everyone attending the 17th Annual Henley Forum Conference on 01 March 2017 will have a chance to play the game and will leave with their own copy. Sign up here: Sign up here
  3. If you want to try out the Collaboration Maze in your organisation, we can supply copies of the game and one of our consultants to facilitate.
  4. If you’ve played the game and would like to order further copies for your organisation, please contact us and let us know how many copies you would like.
  5. We are exploring a virtual play option of the Collaboration Maze. If you’re interested, let us know and we’ll drop you a line when it’s available.

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